Bullish Case for $SNAP

Since I’m financially illiterate, I have no edge in valuation or any of that boring shit with numbers, but I do believe people who bash Snap Inc. are morons. The company may be overvalued, but who gives a fuck. I don’t care if they burn 2.2 billion dollars this quarter and a hundred billion dollars next quarter. They’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Brainless bitches who balk at their current unprofitability may as well be vegetables because they can’t see the bigger picture.

Also dumb hoes need to stop comparing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to Snapchat, which occupies its own niche as a way to share your weird day with close friends and fuck buddies. Snapchat won’t lose users to Instagram etc because it provides a unique service that can’t be found on other social media sites. No one’s going to share dick pics and drunken selfies through Insta or Twitter or FB come on. Snapchat is special.

But just cause it’s intimate doesn’t mean it’s not attracting household ad partners. Big brands are getting in this bitch cause they know it’s the most engaging way to connect with consumers. A French supermarket chain used Snapchat to show how fresh its fish is. Also Brawny made a fuckin adorable Mother’s Day ad by putting Snapchat Spectacles on babies. And now companies and individuals can buy Sponsored Geofilters automatically through third-party ad vendors and event-planning sites. Snap is making moves, nigga. It’s hustling.

And last but certainly not least, anyone who’s banging the goddess, Miranda Kerr must be ordained by the heavens to create value for this world.

“Long” live Evan Spiegel and Snap Inc. Shorts can suck my dick for the money they’ll desperately need after losing big on betting against a company in crescendo.


2 thoughts on “Bullish Case for $SNAP

  1. I’ll confess that I am one of said dumb hoes, and it has been rather profitable in the short term. But in the $15 area your argument is compelling

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  2. Congrats! You had the prescience to short $TWTR since it’s IPO? I bought at $18 after first earnings, sold at $20, and just started a new position at $15.90 last week. Now it’s $14, already down 11%. SNAP’s price action is hella entertaining..


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