I went out and I bought the fucking dip on REGN

My portfolio was down another thousand dollars today, but I feel fucking amazing. I am more confident than ever in my ability to make money. I may be delusional, but that’s ok. Everything is an illusion anyways, aside from pain and pleasure. Pain and pleasure are real. 

Speaking of which, my losses no longer hurt me. They fascinate me. I don’t like when my trades move sideways, but I like when they go against me so hard I get whiplash. NKTR hit a fresh high of 54.95, and I am curious whether or not it will go to 59. I am now down 6K. I am not covering until I’m either homeless or it falls back down to $30. 

My dad said it appears that I don’t care about losing money, and that this concerns him. I think he may be right. I don’t trade with fear. I trade with a desire to win big. I want to score like ten grand in the course of a couple days. That would be fun. That would be really epic. 

Here’s what I did today: I put a trailing stop loss of either 6% (for trades I believe in) or 2% (for mistakes I just want out of ASAP) on all my existing positions. I need more cash to play with, hence the systematic selling. 

I also bought 30 shares of REGN at $354/share—a $10,620 position. Poor REGN has been down lately I think because of fears surrounding Novartis’ competitor drug, Brolucizumab. I think this worry is about as dumb as scientology. It’ll be like two years before Broluc hits shelves anyways, and even if it does cut Eylea sales in half, REGN has other, blockbuster drugs like Dupixent going for it. Q4 of this year and Q1 of next year are going to be fucking lit as a Christmas tree and REGN is going back to $500. 

Alternately, I could be wrong and REGN could be headed below 300, or worse: it could just trade sideways for some time. In any case, I put a 4% trailing stop for a maximum loss of $450. REGN bounced a little bit this afternoon, so my max loss is now $300. The reason I chose 4% is because a historic level of support seems to be $340, 4% below my entry of $450. 

If REGN falls below $329, it’s probably fucked. It may go to $200, in which case I will sell my children into temporary slavery for capital to buy cheap shares. I will subsequently purchase their freedom back with my massive gains and give them each a Bugatti as reparation. 

I’m also thinking of shorting URBN because their clothes are uglier than Eric Trump. Of course, I will short more NKTR once momentum dies down. If the laws of motion apply to stock prices, than acceleration must decrease and velocity must reach zero before a reversal. Right now, NKTR’s acceleration is still a positive number. 

Don’t get me wrong; obviously the laws of motion don’t apply to stocks usually, but in this case, I think they can because the stock is not trading on fundamentals, but on momentum. 

The market is so beautiful to me—more beautiful than nature. Its parabolic moves take my breath away.